In 2012 I attended the LPMA conference on The Gold Coast and took heaps of notes
from Chris Rolls, who is a speaker at LPMNZ 2017, so if

you want to learn something really worthwhile then being at his session will be vital.

What I leaned from him in 2012 I can now share with you, he called it The Magic
Formula so here it is in a shortened version of a conversation with a very grumpy

Make a connection with the landlord, understand his/her frustration, fault is
irrelevant, so what needs to be done to remedy?

Act Professionally, don’t pass the buck or blame someone else

“this is how I can handle this for you”

Get to the heart of the matter. Keep calm, don’t interrupt or talk over them, but
let them know you can fix this for them.

Inform clearly what you will do, and be quite specific, don’t use the word “try”
and ask “when is the best time to report back to you?”

Close with the future in mind ”is there anything else I can do for you”, use
their name and let them hang up first.

I have used this on a number of occasions when a team member has stuffed up,
and once, in a face to face with an angry landlord, I went into the meeting with
my cheque book (which took the wind out of their sails a bit) and ended up signing
a cheque for $75.00 when I had been expecting $250.00.

I still manage their property and we get on real well!

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