Welcome to 2018 and what a year it is likely to be for us in this business.

The new Labour led government is planning some big changes for landlords and tenants and Property Managers so if you are not ready and planned, then please be aware of what looks like coming round the corner to get you!

Two pre election promises (which might be different in the legislation who knows?) include; scrapping the letting fee currently paid by tenants and a 90 day rule, with reasons, for possession instead of the current 42 days.

Scrapping the letting fee accounts for about 30% of your income, so what will YOU be doing about that?

Obviously we would expect the landlord to pay in future, but how do you get around the absence of that in your management agreement with the owners?

Some PMs have simply said they will just add $10 a week in rents to cover that charge, but do you have the owners consent to do that? Have you actually got consent from the owners to do that? What happens if they say no? What will you do then?

What publicity are YOU doing to your market about the need to raise rents to cover those changes? If you have a Labour MP, have you sat down with her/him and pointed out the inevitable rent rises for their constituents who believed Labour would rescue them from us dreaded PMs and landlords? Have you made that member aware that to increase rental homes and keep rents down then the easiest way to do that is to make it easier to be a property investor and simpler to be a landlord, instead of drumming up terror stories about us?

Have you written to your local paper and raised the alarm about rent rises? Have you made the point that attacking us and our landlord clients will continue the trend of few rental homes, higher rents and

The Housing Minister, Phil Twyford, goes on TV and denies categorically that his plans will increase rents, so what would happen if YOU met with you local MP and wise her/him about the truth?   

We have a similar number of LPMNZ members as we have MPs so it’s a fair bet that we could influence somebody in Government- would you agree?

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