After all the chaos that was 2017 hopefully you’ve all had a well-deserved break and come back feeling well, maybe a tad uncertain about what 2018 will bring.

For me 2018 is the year to refocus, re-energise and get back to the basics.

In an ever increasing complicated world it’s important to take stock of where things are at and sometimes looking back at where it all started. – So lets wind the clock back to 2007.

Bebo was the social media platform of choice, youtube was only two years old, Facebook, Instagram and snapchat didn’t exist and people still used landlines.

Blackberrys were the smartphone of choice and Soulja Boy’s ‘Crank That’ was on the radio – simpler days indeed!

To be in property management you had to be qualified as a licensed sales person and I was possibly the only person in the country under 60 to be in the industry … (Well not quite.)

Generally speaking (and I am generalising here) if you were in property management, you were most likely at the back of a sales office and left to your own devices, probably wondering what sales people did all day and vice versa.

2007 and the years following proved to be opportunity central. The GFC made its way to New Zealand and it hit Real Estate hard. Slowly business owners started to realise the need to have a growing property management department and the term ‘reluctant landlord’ became a buzz word in many offices. Many homeowners were choosing to rent out their investment property instead of selling as interest rates we’re knocking on upwards of 9%, days on market increased and prices fell.

Fast forward ten years and everything property related is headline news. – Not just sales related either… “Rents on the rise” “Landlord ordered to repay rent”  “landlord fined for not installing smoke alarms” “Government looking into rental crisis”

And so it begins, our not so small industry (anymore) is now under the microscope – some of it excellent news and some of it not so hot.

And this really is where my point comes into play, with all the distractions around us on Osaki, Meth, Illegal Dwellings, Asbestos, Health & Safety, Technology, Insulation, Industry disruptors, do not for a minute lose sight of what the customer wants…

In order to remain competitive many companies offer value added propositions – ours included, we did after all have to break away from the perception that all we do is drink coffee, watch the rent come in and maybe do the odd inspection.

Clients love receiving market updates, investment opportunities and learning how to grow wealth through property, however unless you have the basics right these value added services mean very little to landlords.

In a service offering survey to our landlord clients, many responded just wanting us to manage their investment and do it well. By this they mean source excellent tenants, conduct thorough inspections, pay the rent through on time and communicate well. – Sounds simple right.

So, if you’re feeling uncertain about what this year will bring, then It’s time to dig deep, acknowledge the distractions around us,  put plans in place to remain relevant, but whatever you do, don’t tear your hair out on the if’s, buts and maybe’s.

Re-focus on giving landlords and investors what they want.

2018… year of getting the basics right and the repeat and referral business will come.

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