Richard Evans and Pauline Evans


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Richard and Pauline Evans have been in property all their working lives, as real estate agents in Nelson and Wellington, and as business owners of the Harcourts Franchise in Rotorua from 1993 to 2000.

They are owner operators of Rotorua Rentals a property management only company with over 800 houses under management, a full time staff of eight, and they own 5 rental properties as well, so they are very much hands on property managers.

Richard has been Chairman of the REINZ property management group for many years, Pauline has an MBA and a Diploma in Business Studies and both are Associates·of the REINZ.

They are both Past Presidents of their respective Rotary Clubs and Pauline·continues a·long association with Neighbourhood Support.

Richard is also Chair of the Rotorua Community Charity Trust and a past president of The Rotorua Golf club, so as well as being heavily involved with residential property management they are·well known within the community.

Richard and Pauline are Directors of The Leading Property Managers of New Zealand Ltd. (LPMNZ), and greatly value the relationship and support of our fellow directors in The Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA).

We think its important to have a much Kiwi involvement as possible within LPMNZ and we are excited about the possibilities for Kiwi Property Managers to grow their business and learn new skills to·make massive strides in profitability, customer service and satisfaction,·staff retention and personal growth, so we hope that you will soon find out the benefits of membership and we look forward to making new friends·and growing with you.····

Bob Walters


Bob is Australia's leading residential property management expert.

Unlike many trainers and educators, Bob moves beyond simple "what to do's" and legislative "must nots", and coaches property management practitioners "how to" be more effective, both professionally and personally.

To achieve this, Bob draws on more than 30 years industry experience. This experience includes personally taking an unprofitable, problematic rent roll of 400 properties to a high profit, trailblazing rent roll of 1,800 properties in less than 3 years.

Bob, when he is not training and consulting, owns and operates a specialist residential property management business in Sydney, True Property, managing more than 800 properties.

Dixie Walters


Dixie has returned to the corporate arena after spending the previous 10 years as the director of a community based child care centre in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove where she created an award winning centre from a very unprofitable beginning.

With a teaching background of 20 years she is well equipped with the necessary skills required for her role at BWT, which focuses on operational, administrative, customer service, and human resources areas.

Although, not industry specific, Dixie has qualifications and attributes that, combined with her personal talents and work ethic, are a great asset to LPMNZ.

Over the past 35 years she has not only absorbed property management (via osmosis) through her marriage to Bob Walters, but has attended many Real Estate conferences and seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and America.

Dixie has previously worked behind the scenes with Bob Walters during his time with the Real Estate Institute of NSW and one of Australia's leading real estate companies, McGrath, and was also an active partner in their real estate business in Parramatta back in the 1980s.

LPMNZ members will find Dixie's calm approach to professionalism second to none, with a real focus on customer service, meeting deadlines and making things happen - all with a sense of humour.




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